TCM and Essential Oils

General discussion on your experience has been with essential oils, what has worked and what may not, and questions by those who have yet to try certain essential oils and techniques
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TCM and Essential Oils

Post by fivemizu2 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:43 pm

Is anybody else using essential oils in accordance with Eastern medicine (specifically chinese/japanese/korean) medical principles? I was never really interested in essential oils before . Then I was fortunate to take a seminar with Jeffrey Yuen about the use of essential oils on acupoints and other uses in Chinese Medicine. He very clearly explained it was another form of herbal medicine with great application for acupuncture. I'm so glad I needed the ceus and took that seminar! That placed Eo's in a language and system that I understood. What an eye opening experience. I've used them ever since in my eastern medicine practice and at home with great success.

Just wondering if any other acupressurists, acupuncturists, qi-gong practitioners have more to share? The materia medica is extensive but not exhaustive and I'm curious how oils not mentioned in there like "Plai" could fit with tcm indication. if you have questions/ experience please share. Maybe we can fill in some gaps!

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Re: TCM and Essential Oils

Post by Ananda Staff » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:09 pm

Hi fivemizu2,

I don't have experience personally, but some of our customers certainly have. One osteopath had set her diffuser to go off at 3am while sleeping with a blend for liver support (Ananda's Rejuvinate) and HER therapist said her liver was "the lightest he'd ever felt

In terms of oils and TCM, the book "Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit" is an excellent guide -- still more psysho-emotional based, but a good joining of the two practices. There ARE books out there, but I think perhaps because aroma-"medicine" in the US is still fairly young, in-depth guides are still somewhat hard to come by -- one's that aren't full of warning after warning, and get down to real medicinal use (not that you shouldn't be aware of how to properly work with the oils, but it seems some authors have not done their homework.)

Many of the true aroma-medicine books have yet to be translated from the French, where modern aroma-medicine started...I know this is a little off topic, but just a suggestion -- if you do know French, you might browse the web for the relationship between TCM and essential oils as medicine that you're looking for.

Here's a good starting list, but not sure what you're looking for hopefully other practitioners will chime in! :D

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