Sun Damage

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Sun Damage

Post by 56jobabe » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:48 pm

I have sun damage on my face and chest. I have tried everything to get rid of several red splotches and rough spots on my skin. With my first order I ordered: Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Lemon essential oils. I applied all of them by using the neat application, no carrier oil... within 3 days all the red splotches are fading and the rough patches are disappearing too! I do not see any adverse reactions on my skin, but do you think I should use a carrier oil with it? I do have coconut. I also have been using a couple drops of the lemon oil in by water bottles and it seems to help my work outs and my metabolism...I am really pumped, because I really did not expect to see such rapid results...your site is the best!

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Re: Sun Damage

Post by Ananda Staff » Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:53 pm

Wow, nice. This is excellent to hear, though a carrier oil is really recommended. Tamanu or coconut (Tamanu is likely the best choice, as it has a great many therapeutic properties which apply to your use which you can read about here....and more on using essential oils for sun damaged skin here.

The thing to watch out for is that the oils CAN cause irritation if continually used neat -- I find Frankincense will do that fairly quickly -- and Lemon is considered highly phototoxic, meaning it will make the skin far more sensitive to UV light rays. So if you apply it, that area of skin should be covered from sunlight for at least the next day, some therapists say up to 72 hours.

A great blend to improve skin texture using a carrier oil could certainly include the oils you're using...and there are a couple of essential oils that are highly regarded for this use:

In one ounce of Tamanu oil (which does have a little funky aroma, because of the way it's aged to improve its therapeutic value -- I don't mind it on my face at all, one customer had expressed they didn't care for it so much -- but not SO much that they stopped using it! :) ... you could use

1ml (35 drops) Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 (this is the oil that's so highly regarded for helping all sorts of skin conditions, including improving texture and smoothness)
1ml Lavender
1ml Frankincense
1ml Sandalwood

That's a pretty strong formula for the face, though of course you've been using yours 'neat'...and I would be careful with the Lemon, as noted -- you can include it in the blend, just notice if sun makes your skin uncomfortable (I have noticed this as a feeling of a sunburn from being in the sun for only a short time).

Keep it up! So glad to hear the oils are working for you!

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