East Indian Sandalwood 'Extra'

After many years, the Ananda staff is still regularly surprised and impressed with new uses for many oils - and the users fall in love with these oils because they work so well...do you have one? Want to share?
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Sue Cruz
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East Indian Sandalwood 'Extra'

Post by Sue Cruz » Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:07 pm

This blend specifically, is my new FAVORITE Essential Oil. The aroma of this oil is so exquisite that I find it absolutely exhilarating. I struggle at times with depression in varying degrees. I have sought to use aromatherapy to help me in this area and I have tried many different essential oils with varying degrees of success. I was particularly surprised by the immediate effect of this oil to enhance my mood and reduce the feelings of stress. I am sure that personal preference has something to do with how well an oil will work for a person. I would encourage anyone seeking to find an essential oil with anti-depressant effects to experiment with different oils until you find the individual or blend of oils that really works for you. If you LOVE the aroma, it is bound to work better than an oil that is not pleasing to your personal taste.

In case you would like to try the East Indian Sandalwood 'Extra' that I am talking about, it is available on the Ananda Apothecary website. You can purchase a sample for $4.00 to be sure that it works for you before you buy a larger size. In fact, you can purchase any of their oils in sample sizes which cost between $2.00 and $4.00, depending on the oil. This is a great way to experiment and find the best oils for your needs without wasting a lot of money. I, for instance, purchased a large bottle of Valerian Root for it's sedative effects, but I really dislike the fragrance, so I never use it.

By the way, in case this oil is not marvelous enough, Sandalwood has been shown in some studies to prevent certain types of skin cancers, reduce stress, improve sleep and hydrate you skin! What's not to love?

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Re: East Indian Sandalwood 'Extra'

Post by *ether* » Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:16 pm

I, too, am newly in love this blend!

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