First Time blending - Valor-like blend

For example, how do you figure out a 3% concentration of your essential oil in 29 milliliters of carrier oil?
Any and all questions by those needing a little help, and sharing by those who've been there :)
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Re: First Time blending - Valor-like blend

Post by Ananda Staff » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:38 pm

Hey - yes, the sweetness comes from the Blue Tansy, particularly the wild-grown one found at Ananda. There will be very little almond oil in the overall blend; we actually sell this without carrier so one could use it in a diffuser if they like. I would also up the ration of the Spruce - it is the B. Tansy and the Spruce that offer the primary aromas in the blend.

Good luck!

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