Fall Blend

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Fall Blend

Post by occhiazzurri » Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:06 am

I wanted to get into the fall spirit and am looking for a good blend to use in my diffuser at home. Any suggestions?

Sue Cruz
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Re: Fall Blend

Post by Sue Cruz » Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:58 pm

Hi occhiazzurri,

Ananda has these two great blends that are great for the Fall and Holiday season:

Alpine Elegance™
An uplifting and empowering blend for emotional support and positive personal affirmation. This blend is wonderful when used as a natural perfume or diffused into your home or office. A fabulous choice for the Holidays.

A combination of evergreen tree essential oils that synergizes into a a fabulous aromatic blend. High notes of bracing, invigorating evergreen nurtured with base notes of sensual earthiness all tied together with a floral, feminine knot. All of our goddess girlfriends love this blend of Black Spruce, Organic Balsam Fir, Wildcrafted Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang #1, and Wildcrafted Australian Sandalwood. Yummy!!!

Deep Forest™
Deep Forest is a very special blend of brilliant evergreen tree oils for warming any atmosphere. Especially suited to diffuser use for balance and harmony.

A combination of evergreen aromas that synergizes for a finer aroma than any one alone. Highly recommended. A blend of Canadian Black Spruce, Hemlock Spruce, Scotch Pine and Juniper Berry essential oils. Excellent for general support of the respiratory system too!

A WONDERFUL holiday blend for use in a diffuser. Brings the spirit of the evergreens oils into your home or office in an exquisite fresh and warming blend.

Another suggestion for a fall blend would be Cinnamon and Vanilla (a sort of "Apple Pie" scent) , perhaps a little Clove added.

Enjoy the sweet smells of the Fall Season!


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