pain of fibromyalgia

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Re: pain of fibromyalgia

Post by Ananda Staff » Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:55 pm

Hi Wanda,

Most certainly Helichrysum essential oil -- while it is a little costly, it's very effective for a very wide variety of pain. Anywhere from 10 - 20% of this essential oil in a carrier can help. Borage seed oil as a carrier is known to reduce pain as well. So a simple blend would be (for each one ounce) 3ml Helichcrysum, 10ml Borage Seed and 17ml Fractionated Coconut Oil.

There are a number of essential oils that reduce pain due to inflammation, and you could reduce the amount of Helichrysum by including other oils in your blend. Ginger CO2, Frankincense CO2, Black Pepper CO2 and German Chamomile are commonly used, as are Plai and Sweet Marjoram. Lavender and/or Turmeric may also help.

A blend that includes these oils could look like this, again, for each 1 ounce -- In general, you can use a base of approximately 1/3rd Borage Seed and 2/3rds Fractionated Coconut.

1.5ml Helichrysum
1ml Ginger CO2
1ml Frankincense CO2
3ml Plai
.5ml German Chamomile

You really can choose from these oils, and create your own formulation. Let us know if the Helichrysum is out of your price range, and we'll offer you a different recipe. ALSD, these oils ARE already in our Athlete Magic blend - if you'd like to try it, I highly recommend the XS (extra strength) formula; this is already in a carrier and ready to be massaged-in -- finally, we also have a blend called "Super Soother", with Wintergreen and Helichrysum (and a couple other oils) that is at full-strength (no carrier oil). Wintergreen is essentially liquid aspirin -- this too may work well for you. You'd want to dilute it down to at least 20% (that's 6ml in one ounce of carrier, and you could use just fractionated coconut if you like), or even less (10%, 3ml in one ounce).

For more on measuring for blending, see our "measuring essential oils" page.

All the Best,

Ananda Staff
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Re: pain of fibromyalgia

Post by Ananda Staff » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:32 am

Hello Again,

Wanda, I've done a little more research for you, and I highly recommend giving a try to Plai as your primary essential oil. The properties for the oil are as follows:

Primary Actions: Analgesic, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic. The results of one study follow -- not particularly on fibromyalgia, but the properties seem as though they should cross over well: "For inflamed joints, under a certified aroma therapist direction Plai has been found to ease the pain for up to 18 hours. This is incredible since no other oil has been found to change pain levels. On joints that were inflamed due to injury, Plai and an approved carrier was best combined with oils such as Black Pepper and Lemon or Neroli, Himalayan Cedar and Orange. These combinations worked to take swelling down, calm pain and speed up healing time considerably. Dilutions were one bottle of 10% concentration in a vegetable gel and a small roller bottle with no dilution - blends were all oils equal parts.

With other recent research, I still do recommend a blend with Ginger CO2, Frankincense CO2 and German Chamomile CO2 - these are among the most effective anti-inflammatory oils available. You may also consider adding Turmeric - Curcuma Longa, at 1ml per ounce.

Make 4 ounces of formula in a pump-top glass bottle for ease of use.

To 4 ounces of Fractionated Coconut (simply ase for a pump top for this bottle in addition to the regular top in the 'comments' section of the checkout page should you order this from us) (pour out a little to make room for the essential oils) Add:
12ml Plai
5ml Ginger CO2
5ml Frankincense Carteri + Seratta CO2 (for the anti-inflammatory boswellic acids)
2ml German Chamomile CO2 (this will need warming before use to make liquid. It will come as a paste - this is normal. It is simply very concentrated).

You MAY want to experiment with a base of Borage Seed and Fractionated Coconut oil together, as Borage is anti-inflammatory on its own in many situations.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

~ Eric
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