reusing pocket diffuser ...or not?

Diffusing essential oils can be done for simple aromatic pleasure, or for one of several medicinal therapies. Do you want to diffuse anti-depressant oils, or maybe ones with potent antiviral or antibacterial properties?
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reusing pocket diffuser ...or not?

Post by SMarie » Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:56 pm

Greetings :)

How successfully can one reuse Ananda's pocket diffusers? I'm thinking more of refreshing with the same oil or an overlapping blend, not so much trying to switch things up.

I bought one of these diffusers as a gift with refilling oil to accompany. Am I on the wrong track, also considering short-lived scents?


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Re: reusing pocket diffuser ...or not?

Post by neyatep » Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:10 am

I've only used them with one blend, and just refresh with the same. From what you said you wanted to do, I could see you adding to it with complimentary oils as refills to it as you go. Could be fun!

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