Is Bergamot safe to use in a cleanser?

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Is Bergamot safe to use in a cleanser?

Post by londonurie » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:51 pm

Yes, is me again :D
I made a cleansing balm with a lovely blend of essential oils, but I'm thinking I need something more "purifying" and I was considering a citrus oil to add. I read about Bergamot that is detoxifying and I want to give it a try. The problem is that I use this cleanser both morning and evening and I'm worried that maybe Bergamot is not the best option because I expose my skin to the sun daily, but what if I'm "rinsing" the oil? Also, sometimes is use it as a moisturizing mask, so I leave it for a few minutes, and I just don't wash away the cleanser but I use a wet muslin cloth, so I have the feeling a bit remains after I clean my face. Anyway, is safe if I use Bergamot this way?

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Re: Is Bergamot safe to use in a cleanser?

Post by Ananda Staff » Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:43 pm

Hi Londonurie,

Well, generally it's not a good idea. We will soon have a nice bergaptine-free Bergamot essential oil that you can safely use in this way without concern. You could TRY it, and see how your skin feels -- I've found with other products that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight that you feel like you're getting a sunburn pretty quickly. With the way you're describing removing it from your face, you may not have an issue...but you really don't want to accelerate the sun-aging process by using Bergamot as a cleanser -- The bergaptine-free oil should be here within a week, and will have the same cleansing properties...this would be the safest bet.


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