Many Uses and I'm still Learning

General discussion on your experience has been with essential oils, what has worked and what may not, and questions by those who have yet to try certain essential oils and techniques
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Many Uses and I'm still Learning

Post by Relaxing_Piano » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:04 pm

I use the essential oils in making my own cleaning products. After reading the book, Clean House - Clean Planet, I started making my own cleaning stuff. It is not hard to do and with the help of essential oils, it gives me the right fragrance or cleaning power I need for them. I use a lot of peppermint, pine, lemon and various others ones for this.

In mop water, I always add some pine, peppermint or various other oils to just help freshen the house up as well as give it some boost in cleaning. It lingers for a couple of days at least.

Another use I find for them is if I want to make my house smell nice for people coming over, I add them to the water clean out valve on my AC Indoor unit (have no idea what this is called but I know where it is located). I just put a few drops in there when the AC unit is running and you can smell them in the air vents in no time!

Tea Tree is my essential oil that I use if I get a cut or insect bite. I no longer use any over the counter things because Tea Tree oil does it for me! Of course, I learned the hard way to dilute it down! Ouch! Not good!

If I get a headache which is rare, I often use peppermint oil but by sniffing it briefly.

I've used peppermint oil in bath water to help cool me down before when I was going through an awful rash.

There is a mixture that I use to help alleviate times of allergies or a stuffed up nose and diffusing it works like a miracle.

That's just some of the things I use them for!

Marcia Sue
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Re: Many Uses and I'm still Learning

Post by Marcia Sue » Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:09 am

I've used Rosalina and also Frankincense for cuts and scrapes

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