Skin Growths

General discussion on your experience has been with essential oils, what has worked and what may not, and questions by those who have yet to try certain essential oils and techniques
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Skin Growths

Post by practical-health » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:26 am

I have had success using a combination of Rose Absolute and Ylang-Ylang to shrink, then sometimes remove skin tags and growths. One drop of each directly applied to the spot, then massaged into the skin has affected skin growths. I had a few different kinds of skin growths, not all identical, and each kind reacted differently. Some shrunk, some came off, and some I was able to pick off after applying the oils for some weeks. I noticed a difference within a week, and kept it up for about a month, trying it on every skin "thing" I had. This combination was completely effective in some cases, but ineffective in others. Just try it!

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Re: Skin Growths

Post by Ananda Staff » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:32 pm

Hi -- was there anything that got you to choose those oils? I've seen Lemon and Frankincense recommended, but not really any others :D

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Re: Skin Growths

Post by RuthSoulGarden » Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:34 pm

I have had helicrysm reccomended to me for skin tags as this is a big issue for me. Also that same person reccomended cistus also. So I tried them both and have had nothing actually come off body wise. HOWEVER, yes, around the eyes, I have seen skrinkage of skin tags with helicrysm e-oil, one drop in several ounces of water.
However, that said, and I know this is an e-oil forum, but hey, this experience made me purchase some helicrysm flowers themselves and brew them up as a strong 'tea'. I have also made 'flower water' with the same results.
The small skin tags that are already flatish DO smoothe over, and I'm hoping with continued use I will get more than the incredible smooth skin so far.
So basically for skin tags, I have had better results going to the source so to speak and not the essential oil of that plant. Soaking in a strong mixture in the tub, as well as spraying a mixture on my skin directly.


Re: Skin Growths

Post by Guest » Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:18 pm

How did I choose which EO's to use to shrink/remove skin growths? With muscle testing.

We are also having some good results with using Rose Hip Seed Oil on a rough brown circular patch on my husband's hand. Going through a process of darkening, then sloughing off that dark layer, leaving the original lighter color, applying the oil, then watching it darken and slough is a pretty cool thing to watch! :P

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