Steam room tips needed please!

For example, how do you figure out a 3% concentration of your essential oil in 29 milliliters of carrier oil?
Any and all questions by those needing a little help, and sharing by those who've been there :)
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Steam room tips needed please!

Post by toptiger7 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:00 am

Hello All,

The FIRST thing I'm doing on Thanksgiving morning is going to Google and landed on this page. Had an AMAZING experience yesterday that was unexpected.

At the very busy local YMCA, I like to go into the steam room after working out before showering. Normally I go in holding small towel over my nose as it smells like dank, quasi mildewey .... although nothing visually would tell you it's not clean.

YESTERDAY, I go in, and it was so refreshingly clean and intoxicatingly fresh it SO moved me I'm eager to replicate it. There was a spray bottle labeled EUCALYPTUS in black market on the bottle. The only other person in there told me it was an essential oil good for your repiratory system and skin.

I feel invigorated 12 hours later, slept well, skin feels great, breathing deep .. . . and I NEED you to please comment and tell me what to buy and how to make this concocotion and any other because I'm not ultrainspired to workout with this divine pleausure at the end.


John in Orlando

Sue Cruz
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Re: Steam room tips needed please!

Post by Sue Cruz » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:01 pm

Hi toptiger7,

Here's what I would recommend instead of plain eucalyptus (which you can also purchase alone):
Breathe Deep™
A bright combination of oils to support breathing conditions. Can be diluted and rubbed into the sternum, used in a diffuser or inhaled from a steam bath.

Many essential oils have been examined for their support during states of congested breathing. This blend includes organic Ravensara, organic Lemon, organic Peppermint, Australian Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus, and Wintergreen essential oils. Use this essential oil blend in a nebulizing diffuser, add a few drops to a handkerchief and inhale, or use in a carrier oil and rub onto the chest. Invigorating, opening, and a pleasure to use

Here's the link: ... reathedeep

You can enjoy this lovely blend anywhere!



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