Synergy Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils can be done for simple aromatic pleasure, or for one of several medicinal therapies. Do you want to diffuse anti-depressant oils, or maybe ones with potent antiviral or antibacterial properties?
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Re: Synergy Diffuser

Post by Ananda Staff » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:19 pm

Hi Carol,

There is some minimum amount of essential oil needed to fill the glass capillary tube such that the diffuser begins to work. Different oils will have different thicknesses, and different minimums. You'll have to experiment ;)

As to pouring the 'used' oil back in the bottle, remember that the oil in the reservoir of the diffuser has not been affected in any way - and you may easily remove the orifice reducer from a bottle to make it easier to pour the oil from the diffuser back into the bottle from which it came - for use at a later date.

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