Home made baby wipes?

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Re: Home made baby wipes?

Post by Ananda Staff » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:51 pm

Hi Mika,

Sorry for the delayed response...Regarding the use of tea tree and lavender containing-products and their potentially estrogenic-effects...Here's a great commentary on the 'news' from Cropwatch: http://www.cropwatch.org/nlet4art1.htm

Among other things, an article notes about the study that an 'association' was found, not 'causation'. The oils have limited cross-over in their chemistry, and it would be difficult, as Cropwatch notes, to explain this result on any particular molecule within either or both of the oils. As the paper's abstract was not readily available on pubmed.gov, it's difficult to say as to whether these 'products' also shared basic other ingredients - likely in much larger quantity - as well.

So, bottom line, I don't think you'd be introducing any harmful substances to a newborn by using these oils. If, however, you'd like to choose another, my suggestion would be Thyme Linalool. BTW - virtually ALL oils show some sort of anti-microbial properties - tea tree and lavender are simply used together for the soothing effects of lavender + antimicrobial effects of Tea Tree.

I would be interested if you have a recipe? The challenge would be to get the oils' concentration down to say, 1%, in the liquid impregnated on the towelette. Probably a little carrier oil for softness, a little water, a little tween...sounds tough, unless you were to go into business making all natural ones ;)

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Re: Home made baby wipes?

Post by flossy » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:12 pm

Rosalina is a softer tea tree with a good amount of calming linalool too that could also be used in the above recipe.. Quite separately my mother used and I used Covitol cream which is a zinc and cod-liver oil cream, which kept water off, any rash cleared in a flash, and it was protective. The zinc is a cofactor in cell division and the baby is making lots of new cells. You could consider also if the wipes were technically too hard, making do with the least chemical wipe, and a very simple oil/cream, as Ananda recipe posted, carefully because baby skin is so absorbent.

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