Citrus oils diffusion

Diffusing essential oils can be done for simple aromatic pleasure, or for one of several medicinal therapies. Do you want to diffuse anti-depressant oils, or maybe ones with potent antiviral or antibacterial properties?
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Re: Citrus oils diffusion

Post by Ananda Staff » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:17 pm

Hi Mia,

Thanks for your inquiry. I haven't personally tried citrus oils in a warming diffuser, and from your experience, wouldn't recommend it in the future. They are the most delecate of oils, and are never heated in their production process.

The citrus oils will cloud the plastic on the top of the ultrasonic diffuser, though I'm hesitant to say "breaking down" the plastic.

The spa scenter will work well with these oils, as there's no heat, and only cool air - of course, this is the same with wood-base diffusers as well - I know of the extra cost, though in the long run, they may best serve your needs.

Hope this helps!

All the Best,

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