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Re: One bottle does it all facial blend

Post by Ananda Staff » Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:53 am

Hi Kathy,

Well, you have a great collection of ingredients to do what you need. Interestingly, Sea Buckthorn for sure, and I have no doubt about the Calendula, Carrot and German Chamomile - but they've not studied these oils in particular - has UV-ray absorbing capabilities. We include it in personal blends, and in our Sun Radiance blend, for UV sunlight protection.

For your base: you can use each one of your carrier oils - when filling up a 4oz bottle, just 'eyeball' about 1/7 of each. It's really no problem with the base oils to not get them exact - you might put the Tamanu in last, and use just a little less, so you have some space to add all the essential oils. Tamanu, while a little 'odd' in aroma and feel, is profoundly healing to the skin. Oh, and you may need to warm your Coconut of course, depending on the temperature of the room you're working in.

If you have a 3ml measuring pipette, use 15ml of each carrier oil (up to 15 1/2ml of each, actually, but no more)...this will leave you enough room to add your essential oils to the blend (this is assuming 7 carrier oils, as you've listed - you can always figure like this: 1oz = 29.5ml, so 4oz = 118ml. 118/7 carrier oils = 16.8ml per carrier oil...but you want to leave about 10ml of room for your essential oils).

For a very UV protective and soothing (for eczema) formula, use the following:
1% Each Calendula, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot Root, German Chamomile
1/2% Each Helichrsyum, Lavender, Rosemary, Frankincense

Since the total is close enough to 100ml, you can estimate 1% to be 1ml. Really, you can use 1 1/5ml of each for 1%. If you'd like to measure by drops, use this table. Clearly, 1/2% will be about 1/2ml, or just a little more.

Use the Rose Absolute and/or Patchouli for aromatic preference. Both are great for your skin; skip the Ravensara and Black Pepper for this.

The blend will not have a very strong aroma - Calendula, Carrot Root and Sea Buckthorn CO2's are not strong aromatically, nor is the German Chamomile CO2 (not sure if you're using CO2 or steam...) The CO2's are easy on the skin too, so even though you are using what seems like a lot of total essential oil (with all the different oils you're adding at 1% and 1/2%) you'll be fine because of the nature of these CO2 extracts.

Really, this will be an amazing combination for your skin - this is truly as 'high end' a formula as you could ever want; finer than anything we've ever seen even in salons and spas.

Wish you the best!

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