Recommend a face skin care regime for 41 year-old me?

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Recommend a face skin care regime for 41 year-old me?

Post by goodapple » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:59 pm

Hoping that my question and the responses, recommendations, and related experiences can help others too....
Could someone help me with a skin care regimen for face and body? I would be so appreciative. I am like a kid in a candy store looking through all of the products on the Ananda site. I want them all. I am overwhelmed too. I am thinking that it may not be a good idea to buy a couple dozen products and try to use them all at once. Everything sounds wonderful, but I could use some editing. Which do I choose? I am intrigued by Ananda's skin care blends and also the possibility of adding essential oils to carrier oils best-suited for me. Flower water? Essential oil for spot treatments?? Definitely interested in the Ananda sun products! Can somebody help me with a routine or a regime for healthy, nourished skin for face and body? :o

*41 years-old
*Caucasian-fair skin
*live in suburbs of hot, steamy Atlanta
*really clear skin really good condition, never been able to wear make-up or sunscreen... makes me break out, burns, or irritates my skin
*occasional breakouts along forehead hairline-normally in summer
*some slightly darker patches of discoloration in corners of forehead below hairline-sun damage? age? see same discoloration in my sisters too
*I get lines/wrinkles during facial expressions....squinting, laughing, raising my eyebrows, but these lines/wrinkles are not deep set-yet
*hydration is not a problem due to humidity and the fact that I drink a lot of water--dry months might be Jan, Feb, March
*concerned about: delicate eye area, overall protection and health of facial skin, overall health and moisture of skin on of rest of my body(mostly winter months)

Thank you! 8-)

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Re: Recommend a face skin care regime for 41 year-old me?

Post by Ananda Staff » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:35 am

THAT, my dear, is quite the question ;)

It seems the best thing to do off the bat is get a bottle of Heavenly Skin and Sun Radiance. Since you don't really have 'problem' skin, Heavenly Skin is an all-around glow-enhancing, anti-aging oil blend (I use the men's version myself all the time - which, honestly, wouldn't be a bad idea to use as well - one in the morning, one at night). See how it does at your hairline too. But it has regenerative and anti-oxidant oils in there, in a great blend of highly-nutritive base oils.

Sun Radiance: yes, I have friends that won't use sunscreen, and I don't myself. That's why we developed Sun's rich in oils with high anti-oxidant capacities, and it's oxidative cascades which cause sun damage. I'd suggest using before and after significant sun exposure.

I think the combination simply of these blends addresses most of what you're asking about - start here and keep learning. Blending your own is awfully fun as well...we have a few posts on our blog with's a good start: ... osed-skin/


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