Black Eye Help

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Black Eye Help

Post by Lisa » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:07 pm

I wanted to get some input. A friend of mine was in a car accident where the airbag deployed. She is okay for the most part, but she has a black eye and a swollen lip. She has come to me for some help because I blended her a really nice headache blend that has helped.

I am thinking of a Helichrysum & Lavender blend for the black eye since Helichrysum helps with bruising.

Has anybody else had any experience with using essential oils for a black eye?

Thank you

Ananda Staff
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Re: Black Eye Help

Post by Ananda Staff » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:19 am

Hi - Helichrysum is precisely the oil to use. It willl help the healing occur much faster. The only concern is getting the oil near the eyes. I've done this myself, and it's fairly unpleasant.

So here are a couple of simple options: 1) Dilute the helichrysum to 10% in a carrier, then apply lightly and slowly to see what she can tolerate. Really, with Heli, the more the merrier, but this is a challenging situation.

2) Dilute to about only 50%, but have her lie back with her eyes closed, apply, and have her wait 15 minutes until opening her eyes again to allow the oil to absorb. She can 'check' if the oil is still an irritant - and either close her eyes again and wait longer, have her face wiped with a tissue or soft cloth, or be lead to the bathroom sink to wash her face with soap and warm water before opening her eyes again.

The lavender would help, though helichrysum is the stronger anti-inflammatory, and more quickly stimulates healing.

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