The Purpose of the Ananda Apothecary Forums

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The Purpose of the Ananda Apothecary Forums

Post by The Ananda Staff » Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:23 pm

The Ananda Apothecary forums are a home for discussion groups on the use of essential oils in any and all ways. Should you have a question about using essential oils, their properties, accessories and tools used in therapeutic essential oil use, this is the place.

If you've got questions, this is a fine place to post them -- just find the appropriate forum and jump in. If you're a knowledgeable user, and would like to share your experience, we invite you to do that too!
Either way, you're questions and comments about the great wide world of essential oil use will be answered.

Our staff regularly contributes as well, assisting in any way we can. While we cannot offer specific medical advice, we can share what the latest science is telling us about the myriad of properties of the oils, and all the conditions being studied using oils as "treatments".

Our aim is to build a community of folks who have incorporated the use of essential oils in their lives, and those who are just beginning. This is a wonderful addition to all the great information already available on the website, yet seen through different eyes, of users with a wide variety of experience.

If you have any requests for new forum topics, or anything else you'd like to see here, just send us an email, and we'll be sure to address your questions or concerns.

Thanks for joining us!

All the Best,
The Ananda Apothecary Staff

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