Helichrysum (Corsica, Special Aged) Essential Oil

Distillation Method:
Country of Origin:
France (Corsica)
Plant Part:
Latin Name:
Helichrysum italicum
Wild Grown

This is our classic Corsican Helichrysum, proprietarily and naturally aged at Ananda to improve its aromatic and therapeutic properties. The distiller will always let Helichrysum essential oil "air out" before sending it to us. With continued aging, we have found that it has even GREATER potential to reach it's aromatic and therapeutic peak. When you try this 'Special Aged,' you'll know it has! Very highly recommended!

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See the Helichrysum (Corsica) page for general information about this oil. This particular batch has been aged (some oils DO get better with age, and this is one of them!) using a certifiable-organic process, improving its aroma and chemical profile.

The "honey" notes often used to describe Helichrysum are notably present (whereas while still completely therapeutic, the aroma of a very fresh oil is not as smooth and sweet ~ yet we also very pleased to say the 2016 distillation we have recently received is in fact very smooth, though you can distinctly tell the difference. The 'Special Aged' oil has the finest Helichrysum aroma we've every, ever tried - and our owner is a Helichrysum fanatic ;-)

After years of being a professional athlete, always looking for something that would support healing of sports injuries, it was only much later that he found the magic of Helichrysum. And we're happy to be the only essential oil company on the planet that's actually improving those few oils that do better with age just a little faster - we've had it approved by Ecocert (while this is a wildgrown, not certified organic essential oil, we use the same process for our organic 'special aged' Cedarwoods - and they, too, smell incredible). This is a very highly-recommended oil!

Therapeutic Properties

Helichrysum is generally used topically, to support the reduction of inflammation and pain, as well as speed healing. It has an amazing combination of natural chemical compounds that may reduce inflammation (and therefore, potentially, the perception of pain) - from the curcumenes. It also contains three di-ketones known as italidiones which are thought to stimulate cellular regeneration. These two actions together make it VERY effective in caring for small burns (our owner keeps some by his fireplace!), and for bumps, bruises and twists. These inflammatory conditions may improve faster with application of the oil. Finally, aromatically - and this is THE FINEST Helichrysum we've ever come across - Helichrysum is thought to open the heart. A little dab at the heart chakra is a great way to use this oil for this purpose.

For more information about the aromatherapy uses and research studies on helichrysum, please see: Therapeutic Properties of Helichrysum (Corsica) Essential Oil


See the Helichrysum (Corsica) page for more information on this oil. Its application will be the same as the Corsican Helichrysum, though it does have an improved chemical profile. It is higher in italidiones, compounds thought to stimulate cellular regeneration and perhaps speed healing. It's action for supporting healing and inflammation reduction may be improved.

Aromatherapy Details

This is an extremely special variety of Wildgrown Corsican Helichrysum, which ages nicely like a fine wine. It's aroma is sweeter, and the chemical profile has changed slightly for the better (as would naturally happen with "Fresh" Helichrysum as it ages).

In fact, when we introduced this oil at the Alliance of International Aromatherapist's conference at Rutger's University this year, everyone familiar with the oil smiled after smelling it and thought it was the finest Helichrysum they had ever, ever smelled.


Helichrysum has an excellent safety profile. It is intended primarily for topical use. Most users apply it 'neat' to the affected area. If you find any irritation at all, dilute to 1/5th in any carrier oil before application.