Oil of the Month (November)

Certified Organic

Limit to 1 Oil of the Month Purchase Per Customer.

Add this product to your cart to join the oil of the month club for the month of November! This oil is normally DOUBLE the cost, so don't miss out! You will receive an oil that is considered one of the most therapeutic essential oils in aromatherapy.

Now that summer has come to a close and we bunker down for flu and cold season, we at Ananda want to help provide you a oil that is a medicinal must have. This oil pairs well with most lemon-like aromas and has a very low toxicity that can be easily applied on the skin.

You will also receive new fresh content from our research lab and aromatherapist experts here at Ananda! This content primarily includes what the oil has been researched and used for with great efficacy. Check out this amazing oil for this month and be sure to share with your friends.

No reoccurring charges will happen this month so you can try this months oil without any commitment to the next.