Eric Cech, owner and founder of The Ananda Apothecary, has a B.S. in Environmental Science & Biology from The University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB). He is a collegiate national road cycling champion, former professional triathlete & cyclist turned alpine mountaineer. His career as an alpine climbing guide was detoured when he was hit by a speeding car on the way to the market on his bicycle. The accident resulted in the fracturing of 14 of the 28 bones in the skull. Doctors expected three months of in-patient therapy to teach him how to walk and function again in the world. Instead, he walked out of the hospital in just 10 days, with doctors citing a "miraculous recovery" on his chart.

When Eric was introduced to essential oils and their healing potential, he found the acquisition of the healing-quality of essential oils difficult at best at local shops, and impossibly expensive through home-based distributors (multi-level marketing, or MLM). He sought-out sources for therapeutic quality, and started The Ananda Apothecary over 13 years ago to offer the finest oils, with the best, most-knowledgable customer service, at prices those in need of the oils could afford.


Dr. Anthony Ferrari worked in the Hunting Lab at Ithaca College doing solid-state inorganic chemistry, synthesizing conductive metal oxides for application of a cathode support in fuel cells. Dr. Ferrari worked under Dr. Albert Stiegman, and has worked in collaboration with a number of different groups who are also driven by the emerging microwave chemistry that has been a new focus on at Florida State University. He is now knee-deep in essential oil chemistry. The field has long needed the expertise of analytical techniques, and with more research supporting the case for therapeutic oils, having proper testing methodologies is a great skill going forward.


Mikella Zgliczynska is a chemistry research assistant at Ananda. She graduated from Cornell University in 2014 with Nutritional Science B.S. and has continued pursuing her knowledge in the essential oil field since graduating. Her focus is biochemical pathways and how they could potentially explain the synergistic properties of essential oils.



Dita Muliadi is the Production Supervisor at Ananda. She graduated from Hotel Management School in Chur, Switzerland, and pursued her career in hotel business in her hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia, before moving to the United States. She had the opportunity to run and manage her own business in the food industry for 16 years before joining The Ananda Apothecary in 2014. Dita loves gardening. For her, working at Ananda is like an extension of working in her own garden. It broadens up her perspective and knowledge about plants and their unique properties. She appreciates and loves all the oils that she works with every day. The oil that stands out the most for her is Cajeput. It has a special place in her life as she knows this oil from her childhood. The Indonesian people use Cajeput for almost everything. It heals aches, colds, and respiratory problems, insect bites, and is used as a massage oil or just for comfort. It gives a warm feeling to the skin, has a pleasant smell, and is a very gentle oil. It is very well known, must-have oil in every household in Indonesia.