And how it might just be able to save the world ;) !

Hemp Seeds from which the Oil is Pressed

Yes, we're purposefully avoiding the intoxication issue altogether on this one, and focusing on what we consider some of the most profound benefits available from Hempseed oil (found fresh and organic on The Ananda Apothecary!), aside from its mind-altering potential. Here we have a little data on getting happier, getting smarter, look better, and saving the planet all at the same time!

Perfectly Balanced Brain Nutrition

hemp seed oil Hempseed Oil

Hemp seeds not only provide a rich, complete protein source, but they also offer a very complex natural oil. The oil has been said to have the perfect Omega-3, -6, and -9 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid ratio for our brains...meaning our brains would be in perfect health if their composition mimicked the essential Omega fatty acid profile found in hempseed, according to researchers at University of Kuopio, Finland, in 2004.

Lowered General Anxiety

In a 2010 study evaluating the potential for hemp oil supplementation to reduce menopause symptoms, it was found that regular intake of the oil lead to a statistically significant decrease in general anxiety. The reduction of depressive symptoms through daily supplementation with about 1 tbs. of the oil has frequently reported.

Increased Neuronal Circuits

Hemp Plants in Bloom

Raw food proponents claim supplementation with Hempseed oil will stimulate an approximately 3% increase in new neuronal connections (actually thought to be directly related to forming new memories) -- they also suggest a similar increase if virgin Coconut oil is used, and that these two are additive if used together -- resulting in a potential 6% increase in new neuronal circuits with regular use.

Healthier Skin

A study released in the Journal of  Dermatological Treatment concluded that "Dietary hempseed oil caused...improved clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis (resulting) from the balanced and abundant poly-unsaturated fatty acids  in this hempseed oil."

We highly suggest including Hempseed oil in your skin care blend bases. One of our favorites is an equal mixture of Hempseed, Tamanu Nut and Virgin Coconut Oil. This is a true all-purpose formula - though we highly recommend adding 2 drops per ounce of Hemp oil of Rosemary CO2 antioxidant, to protect the delicate Omega-3 fatty acids in the oil (Tamanu and Coconut are a bit heartier :).

A Greener World

Biodiesel Can Be Made from Hempseed Oil Biodiesel Can Be Made from Hempseed Oil

And as if it's health benefits weren't enough, Hempseed oil is easily made into biodiesel (for all you VW and Mercedes diesel driver's out there!). In Bioresource Technology, Hempseed oil was found to have a 99.5% conversion to high grade diesel, with an overal yield of 97%. That's from a plant that regenerates the soil, produces a complete food source, fiber for clothing and other applications, offers natural pain relief options, an antimicrobial essential oil, and new on the horizon: the juiced leaves, sent through a wheat grass juicer, seem to have remarkable healing properties.


And yes, Hemp does in-fact produce a non-mind-altering essential oil, with some decent antibacterial activity. If demand gets great enough, we'll be sure to carry some! For now, you'll find us taking a tablespoon of Hempseed oil and a tablespoon of Coconut oil as a supplement daily, and using both these oils in our personal skin care formulas. We hope you enjoy their benefits as well!