Chamomile (Roman) Hydrosol

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Anthemis nobilis

About the Oil: This delicately aromatic oil has an exceptionally soft and sweet aroma and is highly sought after for its remarkable calming effects, especially on children.

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Anthemis nobilis is a pleasant-smelling perennial with feather, fern-like leaves and branched, creeping stems topped by small, daisy-like flowers. A smaller herbal plant with larger flowers than that of German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile is native to Western Europe and widely cultivated in England, Belgium, Italy, France, Hungary, and the United States. The whole plant has a distinct scent, reminiscent of sweet apples.


Our Roman Chamomile essential oil is steam distilled from flowers organically grown in Hungary. This organic Hungarian variety has the finest aroma of any Roman Chamomile essential oil we've ever experienced. For aromatic uses we highly recommend this oil. We've also added a lovely Roman Chamomile hydrosol from the UK, the distillate water of the essential oil production process. It is excellent for use with young children, or for daily skin care.

Roman Chamomile essential oil is highly sought after for its remarkable calming effects. It can impart its soothing effects in exceptionally small amounts. This makes it one of the best oils for children alongside Mandarin and Lavender. Its action differs from Mandarin in that Mandarin is uplifting as well as relaxing. Lavender is more noticeable to the nose, so some children will go for it while others may not.

Roman Chamomile Oil is used extensively in Europe for the skin, increasing the ability of the skin to regenerate. It is similar to Blue 'German' Chamomile in this respect, though without such a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The two essential oils are quite different chemically.


The herb has had a medicinal reputation in the Mediterranean region for over 2000 years, and is still in widespread use throughout the world.

Suggested Use


  • strengthens
  • enlivens


  • eases discomfort
  • decreases unpleasant sensory experiences
  • reduces redness
  • diminishes swelling
  • relaxes cramping


  • eases discomfort
  • decreases unpleasant sensory experiences
  • promotes sleep
  • calms the nervous system
  • relieves stress
  • uplifting


  • helps heal burns and wounds
  • encourages cell regeneration
  • Indicated for skin types: dry, couperose, sensitive, puffy


  • neutralizes microbes
  • reduces body temperature


  • settles digestion
  • increases absorption in the intestines
  • promotes normal peristalsis
  • assists the body's natural eliminatory response
  • helps maintain healthy function of the gall bladder
  • helps maintain healthy liver function


  • promotes and regulates menstruation


  • eases discomfort and swelling of teething
  • Fragrance for emotion: grumpiness, discontent, impatience, short temper, self-involvement, overly sensitive


  • In Oriental medicine, both German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile have two main actions. The first is smoothing the flow of the body's Qi energy helping to relax the nerves and relieve spasms and discomfort. The second is clearing heat and reducing inflammation.


  • Roman Chamomile is harmonizing, peaceful and soothing to the spirit. It relates to the throat chakra and can be used to help individuals to express their highest spiritual truth.


  • direct inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporiser


  • massage, compress, ointment, bath, sitz bath, douche, skin care
  • According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy, "" Even in very small concentrations, whether alone or in combinations with other oils [Roman Chamomile] has a soothing effect. It relieves cramps and spasms and helps relieve shock. In such cases, it is appropriate to massage a few undiluted drops into the solar plexus.”
  • The combination of antibacterial and skin regenerating properties make it great for scrapes and cuts.
  • Rub into the solar plexus to relieve tension or into the abdomen to relieve stomach complaints. We have used it alone, or in combination with Ginger, in a carrier oil as a very effective treatment for bellyaches.


  • A few drops in warm water can be taken internally. Chamomile is exceptionally safe.


  • Chamomile essential oil can effectively minimize irritability and nervousness in many children.
  • Chamomile, Mandarin, Lavender oil and Vanilla oil are the four primary essential oils for this purpose. It has been used for centuries to calm crying children, soothe stomach aches and relieve teething pain.
Aromatherapy Details

This light, pale blue-tinted essential oil has a slightly citrus and delicate floral top note blends with a light pine and warm herbaceous middle note, supported by a light buttery undertone.

Given it's inherently delicate nature, Roman Chamomile blends well with Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine and Lavender.


Non-toxic, non-irritant. One of the most gentle and non-toxic essential oils available, it can however cause dermatitis in some highly sensitive individuals, therefore a small 'test patch' on the skin is recommended before more liberal topical application. Safe for use on children.