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LIMITED TIME SPECIALS: These are available through Midnight Friday October 20th ONLY!

Florals Essential Oils Sale

Special #1:

20% Off all of our Amazing Floral Essential Oils and Absolutes!

Enter coupon code 'Floral20' at checkout to apply this discount to all our Floral Oils. (You can find them in and among ALL oils, but we've made a separate category for this sale just to make things easier for you :)

If you want to try these out for blending? Now you can try them for 20% off!

Not only are they GC/MS verified for purity (you can download these reports on every oil's page), but we test several varieties of each oil for the finest aromas before we add them to our collection. The best essential oil for ANY application is not only 100% pure, but has the finest aroma as well!...Your nose knows what's best for you!

See all of our new content regarding precisely blending using the correct Drops per mL for each one of these amazing oils. If you want some video help we also have great explanations of how to blend using drops per mL below the drops/mL table!


Special #2:

CBD Oil DeFlame BottleFree CBD DeFlame 5mL or CBD Plus 5mL with any order over $69.00 by entering code 'CBDDeFlame' or 'CBDPlus'.

Use 'CBDCombo' for all orders over $129.00 to receive both formulations for free!

CBD DeFlame is most often used by those supporting healing of inflammatory conditions. CBD 'Plus' is for "all around" use, and many use it for their pets - specifically dogs - and report wonderful results.

Wondering about how CBD and Essential Oils synergize together? Check out the paper our owner Eric Cech got published in The International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy on this very subject! Also, we've described in this post why we think our CBD formulas are the best available today. Yes, we're biased, but we think it's true, too!

Also see:



Special #1:

Share Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 5ml bottle of our Super Immune blend with your next order! To get your discount code for this special, please email (or contact us via LiveChat on the website) with the following information:

1). Subject line: ”Shared on Facebook!"

2). The date you shared it

3). The link to the page in which you shared it.

Once we've received this information from you and verified the post, we will send you a unique coupon code that will give you a free bottle of Super Immune blend oil with your next order!

With eight very highly‑regarded immune system supporting oils in one formula, this is the perfect 'extra‑strength' blend for superior protection!


Special #2: Free shipping** on all orders over $129! No need to apply any coupon codes here... If your order meets the minimum order amount of $129, you will see the "Free Shipping" option available to you when selecting your shipping option at checkout!


Special #3: Free shipping** on first-time orders! To get free-shipping on your first order, all you need to do is create an account with us through! The first time you go to place an order through your account, you will see the Free Shipping when checking-out... No coupon needed! (This discount will disappear after your first order, so make sure to take advantage while you can!)


Special #4: Free shipping** for submitting a review! Submit a review on any of our products, and receive a coupon for Free Shipping! Simply review a product, using the review section on any product page (see picture to the right), and we will send you your free-shipping coupon code once we've received your review!


Special #5: Practitioner's discount (10% off orders)! Are you an aromatherapy practitioner who is looking to buy some oils for your practice? Ananda offers a Practitioner's discount for all certified practitioners! To get your discount, you will need to:

  • Create an account with us through
  • Send an email to with the name on your account, and a copy of your Practitioner's license
  • Once we've received these, we will go into the back-end of your account and designate it as a "Practitioner" account
  • Once your account has been designated as a "Practitioner", you will receive 10% off all your orders, all of the time! No need to enter any coupons (you'll just have to make sure you're logged-in to your account when placing orders)




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** For International customers: Due to the variability of international shipping prices, we can't offer a blanket "Free Shipping" option for international shipping... We will discount your order $10 to help cover some of that shipping cost, though (our average shipping price is ~$8, so we just took this number plus a couple extra dollars). Like the regular free shipping from above, this discount will be applied automatically if you reach the $129 free-shipping threshold!