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LIMITED TIME SPECIALS: These are available now while supplies last, or until the date noted!

Special #1: CBD FLASH SALE 20% OFF ALL CBD Products! Use Coupon Code: CBD20 at Checkout.
Let Your Friends and Family Know About This Limited Time Sale!cbd ananda apothecary essential oils formula

CBD Calm - Our CBD 'Calm' formula contains CBD CO2 extract, CO2 oil, plus Hemp, Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils to boost the calming effects to the body, all based in MCT Coconut oil (as all our formulas are based in, with precise calculations for dosage every time). In every formula, you'll receive 1mg CBD in every two drops.

CBD DeFlame Our CBD 'DeFlame' formula contains cannabidiol CO2, with CO2 oils of Turmeric, Ginger, and Lavender to boost anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Plus - Our CBD 'Plus' formula contains cannabidiol CO2 and Hemp Essential oil in MCT Coconut oil. The 'Plus' includes Hemp essential oil, with a variety of terpenoids which are thought to synergize with CBD's actions making it more bio-available to the nervous system.

CBD x3Our CBD 'x3' formula contains cannabidiol CO2, plus CO2 oil of Frankincense Carterii, and Hemp Essential oil.  The addition of Frankincense was added due to the research behind its anti-cancer properties.

CBD x5 - Our CBD 'X5' contains pure CBD CO2 extract, Frankincense Carteri CO2 extract, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Myrrh CO2 extract, and Hemp essential oil, based in MCT Coconut oil with a very small amount of Rosemary Antioxidant for preservation. Sandalwood and Myrhh have also been researched for their anti-cancer properties.

CBD 100- Our CBD '100' formula contains only cannabidiol CO2 extract

Special #2: Whale Song - A Memorial Blend for Our Founder Eric Cech

A Portion of Proceeds will be Donated to Ocean Mammal Institute or OMI which is dedicated to awakening peoples' minds and hearts to nature's interconnected harmony. Their programs help individuals understand and feel their connection to nature, and give them the courage to act responsibly for the planet and its inhabitants. A bit about OMI. "We are proud to be the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. Help us celebrate by adopting an Orca or Humpback Whale. Symbolic adoption supports our vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free."

Helichrysum (Special Aged) 
As mentioned above a memorial blend for Eric could not be made without Helichrysum. It was his #1 favorite.  As an avid athlete (he raced as a professional cyclist and triathlete in his younger years), Eric used it for muscle recovery and body aches. He revered it like GOLD.

Frankincense (Carterii & Serrata) CO2: Frankincense was another of Eric's favorites, and he especially enjoyed the combo of Carterii & Serrata. If any of our essential oils were a CO2 extraction, he tended to favor them out rightly.  I think he just liked the aroma, to be honest, but he found Frankincense so intriguing for so many reasons, not necessarily tied to its therapeutic use at all. He found it exquisitely fascinating for its spiritual offerings and its support for meditation. He enjoyed its history which dates back to many writings or scriptures in various religions. Eric discusses CO2 extraction at length if you're interested in learning more.

Myrrh CO2: Often Eric applied Myrrh and Frankincense together,  hence why he made a blend with the both of them that we offer during Christmas season. After doing some digging he found the pair were proven scientifically to be sensational healers together.  Eric felt that just a slight detection of Myrrh was awfully lovely and somewhat sensual. He found it more appropriate (for whatever reasons) to topically apply Myrrh behind the ears, or on softer spots of the body like the neck, abdomen, and back, or sometimes a dab as a deodorant. NO, Myrrh is not typically used as a deodorant, but Eric enjoyed it's aroma so much it was his personal habit to dab it on for that purpose. He did not mind having his body enjoying Myrrh. He often just opened a bottle to get a whiff or two... or three. He thoroughly enjoyed smelling Myrrh.

Sandalwood (Royal Hawaiian, Special Aged):  We have to admit, Sandalwood is simply too luscious and delicious, it is easy for anyone to fall in love with Sandalwood. This one, he just loved to wear on his wrists. It also bothered him about Sandalwood becoming endangered. Soon enough we'll be offering to a charity to help with sustainable growing/farming of Sandalwood. Eric wanted to make sure we carried the Sandalwood with the most superior aromatic and with Ananda Apothecary's proprietary process to age Sandalwood and other oils, we had to choose the Special Aged Sandalwood for this blend because he preferred it. You'll find it exquisite as well.

Cacao: Cacao?? Yes, I most definitely had to include Cacao essential oil. Eric lived on raw cacao! He ate it throughout the day and all week. He said it was the best superfood and antioxidant around and he indulged unabashedly on cacao. So I've added cacao to this blend because it was a huge player in his life. He didn't go a day without consuming it. We'd start the day with hot cocoa. We'd make a big mason jar in the mornings of raw cacao, coconut oil, maca, agave, vanilla essential oil, a pinch of salt and then blend it until it was smooth as silk. It's highly likely most of his research and writings were done on his cacao-fixes. He'd go through several raw cacao pies for lunch. Without debate, I had to include cacao!

Vetiver: Vetiver is added as a fixative here to the ground and rounds out the blend. It was one of his favorites when we'd get a new crop for the season.  Eric would smell the varieties of Vetiver over and over. He liked the Earthy-ness of it. Although, one day Will from our Ananda team sent home Galbanum as an option when we were doing some home-blending and he found it surprisingly delightful. Eric was partial to the resinous oils.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass is a wildcard addition. Here's a bit of transparency for you. I had made seven different blends varying the amounts of oils and the fixative options. My base was: Helichrysum, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood. After two days of letting the creations sit, I felt none were 'just right', yet. Then I remembered Lemongrass had shouted out to me, and I made a blend including Lemongrass and boom! Just like that, it was perfect.  

Special #3: 20% Off All Helichrysum Varieties Using Coupon Code: HELI20

Eric, our founder, had an affinity for Helichrysum and used the oil daily, but don't just take our word, here is a recent testimonial from Facebook!

"I broke my arm 5 months ago, and right away I started looking for ways to accelerate healing. Dr. Axe had an article online where he mentioned Helichrysum essential oil. Then all my stars must have lined up because I googled it and found Ananda Apothecary. The descriptions of its healing properties made me hopeful. I purchased a small bottle of the Corsican Special Aged Helichrysum and started using it right away. It felt soothing and rich...its uniqueness was evident, and I loved the smell. It lasted about a month and I immediately ordered the larger 30 Ml bottle. They also sent many wonderful gifts with my order. They are a very giving company. While it’s difficult to know what is working when you are trying many things, my doctor told me last week that I was way ahead of where he experienced other patients healing patterns. Just before that day, my 30ml bottle ran dry (lasted around 3 1/2 months using generously) and I ordered two more bottles. I never want to be without this, and I will now use it on my face.

I am on vacation now, knowing that it will be home when I get there...AND wishing I had timed it better because I absolutely notice a big difference now that I’m out of it and not using it. Previously I was applying it twice daily. Mild stiffness is noticeable now after 5 days of running out. I am now very certain, in its absence, that it is working deep inside my wrist. 

I can’t wait to see what it will do for my face!
I’m using a few of their other products... one of them is CBD Calm. It too is heavenly!

I highly recommend trying the essential oils from Ananda Apothecary.

They are a terrific group and dedicated to producing fine essential oils."

Use Coupon Code: HELI20 at Checkout To Receive 20% ANY of Our Helichrysum Varieties!

CBD 100- Our CBD '100' formula contains only cannabidiol CO2 extract

Special #4: Free 10 mL Bottle of Yellow Mandarin with minimum order $159 Using Coupon Code: YELLOW

With a minimum purchase of $159 you will receive a perfect oil to brighten your summer spirit. Yellow mandarin is a staple in the citrus oil world and we thought we would share this amazing oil with you the rest of this month! Mandarin is great for kids and provides an uplifting feeling that can get you out of any emotional situation you encounter.

Special #5: Father's Day Blends and Oils are Here Get 20% Off Five of Our Father's Day Staples Using Coupon code: DAD20

Deep forest blend: This combination of evergreen aromas synergizes for a finer aroma than any one alone. A blend of Canadian Black Spruce, Hemlock Spruce, Scotch Pine and Juniper Berry essential oils. Inspire your dad with nostalgia of adventure and bring the forest to your home. This blend is excellent for general support of the respiratory system too! Pick yours up here.

Dark Patchouli: Patchouli is a wonderful oil for skincare. It will provide your dad with a grounding sense of calm that is known to be simultaneously relaxing and stimulating. This oil becomes increasingly smooth, rich and calming with age, just like your dad! Pick yours up here.

Black Spruce: Treat your father with the uplifting gift of Black Spruce. This warm, inviting Evergreen aroma will make the entire family feel as if they are hiking through the deep forests of Canada.  This essential oil is frequently mentioned in the Aroma Medicine literature for its adrenal and respiratory supportive effects. Pick yours up here

Healthy Hair: Give your father or husband the gift of strong and healthy hair! Luxurious hair has always been a promise with therapeutic oil treatments for the scalp. Here we've blended all the finest oils for the follicles, with highly nutritive carriers for the healthiest hair you've ever had. Read more here.
Heavenly skin for men: This is an exceptional formulation of anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative essential oils and carriers, formulated just for men. What a perfect gift to soothe, protect and heal the skin. Read more here.

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