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Special #1: Dosha Blend of Your Choice

Choose a Dosha Blend for free when you reach a minimum Order of $129 Using Promo Code: DOSHA

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Elements: Air and Space (the only element that “moves”)
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Calming and Grounding
Season: Fall/Early Winter
Characteristics of a Vata: Thin and slender body type, often feels “cold”, cold hands and feet, dry skin and fine hair.  Vata's become exhausted from their own overactivity and can be somewhat “unfocused” and anxious at times.





Elements: Fire and Water
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Cooling and Soothing
Season: Summer
Characteristics of a Pitta: Medium build as well as height. They are prone to acne and moles; Pittas a fiery, passionate, intense competitive personality.  Tend to be intolerant of the heat.





Elements: Earth and Water
Balancing Nature of the Oil: Stimulating and Hydrating
Season: Late Winter/Early Spring
Characteristics of a Kapha: Solid, stable, dense, and grounded describe a Kapha.They are honorable, loving, loyal and dependable. Kaphas can be lethargic and slow and be vulnerable to laziness. Kapha manifests in our bodies as heavy, liquidy substances such as mucus.


Dosha is one of the three substances that are present in one's body.  Dosha also literally means “that which darkens or causes things to decay”.
Choose Your Dosha Type Blend when you reach a minimum Order of $129 Using Promo Code: DOSHA

If you want to try all three you get them now for free with minimum Purchase of $169 using Code: DOSHA3

Special #2: 20% Off ALL our Amazing Bright Spring Citrus Essential Oils and Blends Using Coupon Code: CITRUS20

This includes all these magnificent essential oils:

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You won't believe the effect of your whole home smelling like fine Italian Bergamot(the most researched of these oils for its uplifting aromatic action). Find out more information about the calming effects of citrus essential oils in these research studies.

Also, did you know? Mandarin essential oils are particularly suited to calming kids; they have a little constituent in them particularly suited to young ones - in France, Mandarin is known as "the children's remedy" ~ it also works very well as a belly rub for children as well ~ highly-recommended!

Also, check out our diffusers to use for these oils, perhaps the easiest way to bring their aroma to large spaces (of course, our owner just sprinkles Bergamot on his carpets before vacuuming... Plus, you'll find many of our Natural Home Cleaning recipes include Citrus Oils (often with a bit of Eucalyptus as well).

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Special #1:

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Be sure to check out all the sales and specials whenever you visit Ananda to see what you qualify for!