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Special #1:


To celebrate the launch of our new website, we're offering 15% off your entire order, from now until Monday, August 14th! Simply enter the code "NewSiteJustRight" in the coupon box at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order!

Want to learn about some of the cool functions we have on the new site? Check out our New Website Guide to see what new features we have, how to shop the site, and our story of what we've invested to bring this site to fruition!


Special #2:

Wild French Lavender Essential OilShare Ananda on Facebook using any page (like the Homepage) and we’ll include a free 10ml bottle of our new Lavender CO2 oil with your next order! To get your discount code for this special, please email (or contact us via LiveChat on the website) with the following information:

1). Subject line: ”Shared on Facebook!"

2). The date you shared it

3). The link to the page in which you shared it.

Once we've received this information from you and verified the post, we will send you a unique coupon code that will give you a free bottle of Lavender CO2 oil with your next order!

You probably have experienced great lavender essential oils, but this is an almost totally new creation. Because the distillation is done at temperatures far below that of steam distillation, the resultant chemistry of the essential oil is unique, with different levels of linalool and linalyl-acetate. Some say it is more akin to the plant’s natural aroma. The therapeutic differences are close to the steam distilled ~ for the lavender lovers out there, it’s very worth experiencing this beautiful oil. Use it in all the same ways as the steam distilled varieties, and see if you can detect the differences the cool-process distillation makes!


Special #3: Free shipping on all orders over $129! No need to apply any coupon codes here... If your order meets the minimum order amount of $129, you will see the "Free Shipping" option available to you when selecting your shipping option at checkout!

For International customers: Due to the variability of international shipping prices, we can't offer a blanket "Free Shipping" option for international shipping... We will discount your order $10 to help cover some of that shipping cost, though (our average shipping price is ~$8, so we just took this number plus a couple extra dollars). Like the regular free shipping from above, this discount will be applied automatically if you reach the $129 free-shipping threshold!

Special #4: Free shipping on first-time orders! To get free-shipping on your first order, all you need to do is create an account with us through! The first time you go to place an order through your account, you will see the Free Shipping when checking-out... No coupon needed! (This discount will disappear after your first order, so make sure to take advantage while you can!)


Special #5: Practitioner's discount (10% off orders)! Are you an aromatherapy practitioner who is looking to buy some oils for your practice? Ananda offers a Practitioner's discount for all certified practitioners! To get your discount, you will need to:

  • Create an account with us through
  • Send an email to with the name on your account, and a copy of your Practitioner's license
  • Once we've received these, we will go into the back-end of your account and designate it as a "Practitioner" account
  • Once your account has been designated as a "Practitioner", you will receive 10% off all your orders, all of the time! No need to enter any coupons (you'll just have to make sure you're logged-in to your account when placing orders)



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