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“This is officially my first testimonial for any product but this product truly deserves it. So, I got Clear skin #1 blend as a sample and all I can say is this stuff is AMAZING! I have been suffering from painful nodular acne for about 12 years now and I have literally tried EVERYTHING possible except for Accutane. I also had pimples recurring at the same spot. So I tried  Clear skin # 1 for about 4 months now and it has cured my recurring acne, my hormonal acne and also faded some of my scars.  My skin overall looks great. This stuff is the BEST! I would recommend it to anyone who is sick and tired of using all kinds of  treatments that do not work. Its natural and it works great. I was devastated (not exaggerating!) to know that this was only a promotional product and it is not available for purchase. I had to beg Ananda Apothecary to make it for me.  LOVE this product!"

-Priyanka, Scotch Plains NJ"
"Thanks so much.  I have several clients that I have introduced your oils too...I must say that there seems to be a profound difference  in your oils in comparison to even the "top" membership essential  oil companies. I have used them extensively on my husband who has had prostate cancer for 10 years. They have been an amazing supplement to the other natural treatments that he is on.  I have used your oils topically ,internally as suppositories and of course aromatically.  Conditions I have treated so far: reynauds, kidney stones varicose veins, moles, pneumonia etc. Thank You for making the world a better place!"
-Sincerely, Jan Wendike"


"So pleased with the value of the grapefruit oil. I am seeing the same results as the expensive EO brands out there. Love the price, the free shipping on first order and speed of shipping!"


"Thank you to everyone at Ananda!! I received my order less than 48 hrs after I placed it!! I am so thrilled with the quality of the oils, and am so happy I decided on ordering from Ananda Apothecary!!! The only other oils I have used were from Doterra, and the 3 I have from them (peppermint, lavender, and lemon) seem less potent the the same 3 I ordered from A.A.!! I have been researching E.O.s for over a year now, and have just finally been able to take the plunge financially!! Like I said, I AM SOOOOO HAPPY I CHOOSE ANANDA APOTHECARY!!!  I will share Ananda oils with EVERYONE I know!!"

-Sincerely, Brittany Cole, Satisfied Customer

"I have never written a review before but found it necessary to write one about this company. I found Ananda Apothecary googling essential oils, I found their prices reasonable compared to other sites I visited. I placed an order on Tues, July 14 and received it on July 16. Can you say fast shipping? That is awesome! I will definitely order from Ananda again."



"This is my second time ordering from Ananda Apothecary. They have excellent customer service and fast shipping. The diffuser I bought works great and the oils smell wonderful!"



"I received my Sandalwood oil today and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a gorgeous, top-quality, TRUE Mysore Santalum album oil. A few days ago, I returned a Sandalwood oil I had purchased from (Liberty), a very reliable company in Oregan that I have ordered essential oils from for several years. Their Sandalwood oil is usually quite good, but the one I received last week was awful -- no scent when I opened the bottle, no scent when I applied it to my wrist. Sandalwood oil needs time to bloom on the skin, but even 2 hours later, there was only the barest fragrance and it had none of the depth or rich woodiness of true Mysore sandalwood. It was less expensive than your oil ($34.18  7.4ml), but I always choose quality over price.

When your oil arrived today, I put a few drops into a sample vial, wrapped it up and mailed it to (Liberty) with a note asking them to make a side-by-side comparison of their Mysore Sandalwood oil with yours. (I didn't name your company, but I will if they reply and ask for it.) I'm certain they will be embarrassed at the drastic difference in quality between your oil and theirs. And I'll be buying all of my Mysore Sandalwood from Ananda in the future."

- Dee Hackett


"I found an essential oil that was virtually impossible to find and was very pleased with the service. I will definitely use them again"



"With consistency...every experience I have had with Ananda Apothecary products, staff, and service has been of the highest caliber of integrity, support, and efficiency. I love their willingness to share health-supporting information and resources in a simplified and empowering manner. The depth and breadth of information they provide is phenomenal...everything from the history of essential oils, information on the sources of their oils, how to make your own blends, specific recipes, proper storage, the spiritual and emotional benefits and uses, to containers and carrying cases is provided! The only way my experience could be enhanced is if I lived in their backyard. "



"I have switched to ananda from another online source. I love the quality! I will now only use these for health benefits. The other i have left over will be deligated to cleaning products til they are gone!"



"My first order and I'm so impressed! Fast delivery, beautiful packaging, and quality products. I am loving my diffuser and new oils! Will definitely be placing more orders in the future. "



"I discovered Ananda Apothecary about 8 months ago, and have placed 5 orders so far, and am about to place my sixth! I am very pleased and impressed with both their products and their service, and their prices are very reasonable. Any time I have asked a question, they have been prompt, friendly, and helpful in their replies, and they ship very quickly, and everything is always packed really well. And the products are so good! I've tried their pure essential oils, essential oil blends, oil diffusers, and skin care creams, and they are all top quality. Some of my favorites include the "Bella Rosa" cream, and the "Earth Goddess," "Graceful Goddess," and "VitalitE" oil blends, which I use in my diffuser and also to scent my organic unscented body washes and body lotions (they work great!). They also have great specials and freebies, which is nice. I also appreciate the staff's thoughtfulness and attention to detail -- examples: on the packing slip of my first order, someone hand wrote "Yay!" (which I loved); one time I didn't see a special I was eligible for (a free sampler set of citrus oils), but someone checking my order caught it and sent them to me anyway; and once shortly after I ordered some gifts before Christmas, I was just thinking of checking when my order might arrive, and to my great surprise it was already waiting for me in my mailbox! I couldn't believe they were so fast! Also, their website is very informative and helpful. I highly recommend Ananda if you're looking for a great source for high quality, healthy oils, creams, and other related products. Very pleased, and will continue to shop here! :-)"



"I just received my first order from The Ananda Apothercary. I am very impressed with the service. I ordered it on Monday night and received it on Saturday morning. I am so happy with the quality of the products. I am a member of an Essential Oils Company, but with the membership fee and the shipping cost, I will not renew my membership. I am so happy I found this company. I needed Blue Tansey Essential Oil to make a cream for my eczema I googled Blue Tansey Essential oil and found this company. I love the selection of products to choose from and the quality of the products. T. Carey, Michigan"