At the Ananda Apothecary, we believe the most therapeutically effective oil for any application is one where 100% purity and authenticity are assured through state-of-the-art laboratory testing including GC/MS analysis, and has undergone rigourous organoleptic testing. When we state our product has "passed" organoleptic testing (which basically means "it smells exceptional”), we mean it is the very best of that variety we've ever come across. We believe the most therapeutically effective oil for every application is not only 100% pure, but has a perfect balance of natural constituents. We use these oils ourselves and with our own families, and it's important not only for them, but for you, they are the very best available.

Our analytical testing division is headed by a chemist with a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry who is responsible for the testing of every oil that enters our headquarters. With robust GC/MS analysis and vital "fingerprint" testing, all of our oils undergo rigorous examination, as reflected in our Certificates of Analysis (CofAs).

Our customers rely on our uncompromising standards and dedicated staff to ensure that they receive the highest quality oils at the lowest prices in the industry. In turn, we embrace the challenge to redefine the essential oil field as we push toward the future of natural therapeutic remedies.