Ultrasonic Diffuser

Our Ultrasonic diffusers are among the most elegant yet functional aromatic diffusers we've discovered, anywhere. When you want a diffuser that will fill large spaces with your favorite aromas, that looks absolutely stunning plus they're extremely easy to use.

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Ultrasonic Diffuser (White)
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Ultrasonic Diffuser (Color)
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Available with both a cool white 'ngiht-lite', or a color-changing (from red to green to blue, and back again), these diffusers are simple to fill, add essential oil to, and set the timer and run. They're also extremely easy to clean. And, by the way, the lights can be turned off completely if you like!

So which diffuser to choose? If you are wanting at any time to utilize essential oils for any purpose other than simple aromatics, our Synergy Essentials Cold-Air nebulizing diffusers are the state-of-the-art. When you'd like to fill your spaces with beautiful scents for their aroma-therapeutic benefits, either will do, and these are an absolutley wonderful choice.