Hello, and welcome to the new AnandaApothecary.com site! We're glad to have you here, and we're super proud to present this new site that we've been working tirelessly on for the past year-and-a-half! To help our existing customers transition from the old site, we've put together this guide, highlighting some of the familiar (and not-so-familiar) features of the new site, so you can get the most out of your Essential Oils experience with us!

We've broken out this guide into the following sections:

New Features
Our site has a ton of new features, and we'll be working hard to add even more in the coming months! For now, check out some of the features of the new site that we already have in place:

  • You can now create a customer account! An account will:
    • Show you your past orders, so it will be easier to re-order the products you like
    • Track your current orders, so you can see when to expect your products to arrive
    • Keep track of your order totals (which will eventually be used when we start our Loyalty program)
    • Save certain information (i.e. shipping/billing address), making future orders quicker and easier than ever before
    • Allow you access to certain "members-only" discounts, such as the Practitioner discount (which will then automatically be applied to your orders, due to your Practitioner account status)
    • Let you manage your Ananda Newsletter subscriptions
    • To Register: click "SIGN-IN" (upper right corner of page), then click "Create an Account"... Fill out the info, then you are good-to-go!
  • Multiple coupons can now be applied in the Coupon box at Checkout (presuming they are coupons that can stack atop one another)... Simply enter the codes in the Coupon box one at a time, and you'll see both coupons applied!
  • Free Shipping (and other "conditional" promotions, such as a free product with a purchase of a certain amount) will be applied automatically; no input from you needed! Simply meet the condition of the promo (i.e. a cart total of $129+), and you will see the promo added to your cart instantly!
  • You'll now have more shipping options available to you... Simply choose the shipping option you like best at Checkout (you will also see the exact price of shipping before placing your order)!
    • Remember, if you meet the order minimum for "Free Shipping", you will also see this as an option available to you at Checkout!

How to Navigate the Site

Navigation of the site is handled through the top-menu, which has the following sections:

  • Shop
  • Aroma Science
  • Community
    • Under Community, you will find our User Forums and our Blog,where we post about new happenings in the industry, as well as new research that comes out about Essential Oils!
  • About
  • Uses & Recipes
    • Under Uses & Recipes, you will find some recipes we've put together for you to try at home, all with an on-page shopping cart to make it easier for you to get the oils for each recipe!
  • Search
    • In the upper-right corner of the page, you will see a Search bar. Use this to search for products, information in blog posts, or specific recipes... This one Search bar does it all!
  • Shopping Cart
    • Once you're done perusing and selecting products, click the Shopping Cart in the upper-right corner of the page to go to the new-and-improved Shopping Cart. Here, you can enter your coupons (even multiple coupons), select your Shipping service (including Free Shipping, if you've met the order minimum), and finalize your order!




  • How will "Free Shipping" be applied?
    • Free Shipping (and other "conditional" promotions, such as a free product with a purchase of a certain amount) will be applied automatically; no input from you needed! Simply meet the condition of the promo (i.e. a cart total of $129+), and you will see the promo added to your cart instantly! Free Shipping (presuming the order minimum has been met) will appear as a shipping option for you when checking-out in the Shopping Cart.
  • How will my "Practitioner" discount be applied (if applicable)?
    • In order to get the Practitioner discount, you'll need to have an Account created with us (see above) and submit the necessary paperwork verifying you're a practitioner. Once you've created the account and sent us your paperwork, we will designate your account as "Practitioner", which will then automatically discount all of your orders (while logged into your account) by the Practitioner discount percentage!
  • How will coupons work?
    • Coupons are applied in the Shopping Cart during checkout... Simply enter the Coupon code in the Coupon box on the Shopping Cart, and you will see it applied to your order; you can even add multiple coupons (presuming they can "stack" with one another).
      • Note: "Conditional" promotions will be applied automatically. For instance, if you get a free bottle of an oil with any order over $100, let's say, that oil will be automatically added to your cart once it hits $100+; no input from you necessary!
  • How will free product giveaways work?
    • "Conditional" promotions will be applied automatically. For instance, if you get a free bottle of an oil with any order over $100, let's say, that oil will be automatically added to your cart once it hits $100+; no input from you necessary!

What We've Put Into the Site

A note from our owner, Anita:

You may not know the Owner and Founder of The Ananda Apothecary. His name is Eric Cech. He is my beloved. And I have watched him work tirelessly-lose sooo much sleep (even hair), not eat for workdays one end, and refine, and refine, and refine every detail for the past 2.5 years to create for YOU-- the most brilliant, dynamic, state-of-the-art website not only for The Ananda Apothecary... but for the essential oil industry and natural medicine as a whole.

We.. and mostly "HE" has spent countless hours and resources and has gone through various artists, developers, consultants, and several world class development teams to find 'the right fit' to pair the art and science that Eric always envisioned.

For those of you who have been with us, loyally, throughout our tenure... THANK YOU! YOU.... were in his mind's eye the whole time. He made it for you, for your freedom to control your own health and for the newly growing population now finding essential oils valuable.

No stone went un-turned to make sure every piece of information that was on the 'old/current' Ananda website would be available on the new site. He ultimately had to find extremely advanced developers to customize a search tool to make your information-seeking journey faster, easier and more rewarding than ever.

We have had to surf through many, many waves in our personal life and marriage to ultimately get to this place for the company and for our customers. We moved our facilities as well. And within this endeavor he went beyond the beyond. He invested in our own chemistry lab and equipment and hired an incredible, amazing, innovative and so multi-talented, PhD, analytical chemist. We are finally able to bring to you the world's finest essential oils.

Eric also made sure to get our EcoCert and USDA Organic certifications. He pulled out all the stops. If you're new to us, you know how antiquated our current site was.

Just to redesign our new labels took almost one year! ... Uh, yes. Eric is THAT particular. We went through at least 5 versions, 8 graphic artists and 5 web development teams to satisfy Eric's specifics.

Our staff has gone through a whirlwind of changes and radical re-directions, and waiting upon waiting on 'some dream'. They have worked various hours, enduring cut hours at times and assuming new responsibilities, new rules and regulations and adapting to new protocols set by our chemist, and other organizational structures for our certifications.

Our team has held tight through all the uncertainties with us, and believed in our vision. I am humbled to my core when I see our team members at work. I bow to all who stood by our side to get us here. To their faith in us. We lost many along the way as we shifted visions, work standards, and pressed for more perfection. Our team today is of the highest caliber we have ever had. We are so grateful... so grateful.

You must know that each and every person behind the scenes at The Ananda Apothecary is here because it's in their heart. They are there because they want to be there. And they believed in the truth of the medicine, they believed in one man's vision and mission, and they believed this day would come.

Eric is not the easiest man to work for. He's a perfectionist and a lot of 'mad scientist at heart'. It takes a special soul to adjust and readjust and understand intuitively and freely and to just go with his flow. These are the people behind the scenes.

At the center of Eric's soul, he wants one thing: to offer the finest medicine available on the planet to the largest amount of people at prices that are accessible to the whole. Eric insists you, our customers, have the opportunity to utilize these medicines. I can't count the number of times I promised the website would be done to our staff. How many times I asked them to hold on with us. And how many times I was frustrated every time Eric changed his mind, or hired a new artist or development team.

Our Son asked me one day, out of his own frustration and curiosity about the website and when it would launch, as he was finding (he has a master's in marketing) many things that were not making sense .. just yet... And he was waiting and waiting (as our Summer intern), on Eric's next direction. It never came. Eric changed teams and our Son essentially enjoyed a free summer most of the time.

My own frustrations had come earlier when I had asked the same. In a way only a husband and wife can bicker but be heard, Eric sternly schooled me: "I don't care how much it costs and how long it takes... if it takes 10 years, I'm not going to put up ANY website. It has to be perfect, and IT WILL BE PERFECT, and it will launch when it's ready."

He blew my mind.

In the midst of all of this we decided to sell CBD and Eric researched CBD thoroughly for weeks and created several blends that synergistically work with essential oils. Eric was fully burning the candle at both ends. Fortunately however, now with CBD -- an entire new branch of medicine (we feel) can TRULY HELP a broad scope of people dramatically improve their health. So some of these pregnant pauses were well worth it. Oh, and BTW, Eric has recently had a 15-page peer reviewed, scientifically published journal on the subject of the synergistic health effects of using CBD and essential oils together. It is.... a whole new experience of medicine. We will publish this report on the site soon. Look for it. We first have to debut this at the AIA conference in New Jersey this August at Rutger's University. But... do look out for it.

I could go on. As you can somewhat see... Eric is fully, thoroughly, committed to the medicine... natural medicine and so well versed and knowledgeable about essential oils, I often tell people he's like the Encyclopedia Google wished it had on Essential Oils. I do adore him.

So I wanted to give a shout out to Eric, whom has been barely hanging on for the last month, with fatigue and deadline pressures to get to this seemingly infinite finish line. Yes, we naturally used many of our EO helpers, but he went so far into workaholic mode, at some point only sleep is the cure.

He never, once complained. Never once got off focus. Never doubted it would be worth it.

Good news! We have many amazing things in store as we move ahead in our journey with and at Ananda... and each day that we go into our new facility, and the closer it gets to these final miles, we find ourselves agreeing... that The Ananda Apothecary is truly becoming manifest of it's namesake: One of the highest states of Being. We tend to find a very deep soulful connection with these lovely plant essences in our Ananda home. We have a relationship with them and find they are so eager to help us heal so many things. We believe these helpers will help others find their optimal state of health and being as well.

There is no love greater than the Mother's... and all these essential oils come from our beloved Mother Earth. We promise you to source and provide you with the finest of her offerings.

Thank you so much for enduring my note. I just was watching my beloved nap and felt inspired to share how much he has worked for this, and for you. We truly hope you like it. We are rather stoked ourselves. And I am looking forward to much to getting my beloved back into my life on a regular basis. All our appreciation. All my love

<3 Anita