From Flower Essence Services, 'Healing Herbs' line of English 'Bach' flower essences. This is one of the 38 original flower essences used by Dr. Edward Bach.

Directions: Take 2 drops, 4 times daily.
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('Five Flower Formula' bottle shown - All bottles have similar design) Profile Centaury FlowerCentaury Flower Essence:Positive qualities:
Serving others from inner strength, with a healthy recognition of one's own needs; acting from strength of inner purpose, saying 'no' when appropriate.

Patterns of imbalance:
Weak-willed, dominated by others, servile, acting to please; difficulty saying 'no', neglecting one's own needs.

The healthy soul needs to learn to balance its ego forces between the polarities of servitude and selfishness. Those who require Centaury flower essence lack sufficient strength, not realizing that the ability to give to and serve others requires a strong and radiant inner sense of Self.

Such souls are easily depleted and devitalized; and more importantly, they lack a vibrant individuality which is so necessary for soul evolution. These persons are often under the illusion that they are being loving and helpful, but in reality they are not strong enough in their will forces to say 'no', or to resist exploitation by others. Their vulnerability lies in their reliance on pleasing others to receive self-validation. Thus the compulsion to serve others is misplaced, for such a person neglects his or her own needs and cannot perceive the true, objective needs of others.

In this way the Centaury flower essence type retards not only its own soul growth, but also the progress of those who need to learn from him or her. Centaury flower essence gives beneficial strength and integrity to such personalities, helping them to assume greater self-awareness and self-responsibility.

- from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we've found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.

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