Essential Oils to Boost Confidence and Ease Worry

Third Chakra energy is yellow.

The third chakra, located at the solar plexus, houses organs of the digestive and endocrine systems, as well as our self-esteem, perception and intuition, intellect, and personal power.

Dysfunctions of the Third Chakra may affect the stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, and the upper intestines, as well as the mid-to upper-spine. The emotional and mental effects are that one may begin to question one’s own intuition, to give away personal power, and to lose self-respect. One may feel an absence of will, or discouragement.

Essential Oils for Physical Symptoms:

The Frankincense tree in Oman.

When feeling insecure, anxious, or depressed, two to three drops of Vetiver applied directly to the solar plexus in a counterclockwise motion will help dissolve energetic blockages, and strengthen the sense of security with oneself. Or try a combination of any of the following.

Essential Oils for Psychological Symptoms:

Inhale directly from the bottle, or apply to the third chakra. Remember, stay out of the sun when lemon oil is on the skin; it is photosensitive.

Try this Third Chakra Tonic recipe in your diffuser to create calm and confidence in your space:


2 parts Cinnamon Bark*

1 part Dark Patchouli

1 part Frankincense, steam distilled

2 parts Cape Chamomile


The aroma is light, spicy, and clean with invigorating brightness and a sweet kiss of seaside air. Perfect for creating ease and comfort in groups or at parties. Also excellent to inhale before conversations requiring self-advocacy.

* Cinnamon bark is a dermal irritant, so it is best to inhale this blend, rather than to apply it topically.



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