Mixing Bottles, Storage Bottles, Measuring Pipettes and "Tween" Emulsifier.

UV-Light Proof, Energy-Enhancing Violet Bottles, the Latest in Essential Oil Storage

UV Light Proof Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil bottle cap Dropper CapPump Cap

These are the "state of the art" for essential oil storage. Miron Glass of Switzerland had created bottles which essentially completely block all ultraviolet light rays from contacting your essential oils, carriers and blends, except a very specific frequency of violet light that scientific research has shown to enhance the natural therapeutic potential of plant materials and extracts (including essential oils). The bottles are very attractive as well -- high tech in every way!

Here are properties and descriptions of the technology of the violet glass bottles. According to the manufacturer: "A definite conclusion is that the (product) stored in MIRON violet glass doesn't’t break down its ingredients, but actually conserves the taste, smell, color, structure and enzymes considerably better than in any other receptacles known or used until now."

  • Bottles are available as 5ml (shown on the right), 15ml, 30ml, 100ml and 200ml (note that there are 30ml in one fluid ounce).

  • Bottles and caps are sold separately, as there are different orifice sizes to chose from, as well as specially-made droppers (the droppers are for 5, 15 and 30ml bottles; the 200ml bottle comes only with a standard screw cap - if ordering a 200ml bottle, you do not need to order a cap separately).

  • Most essential oils will use the 1.0mm orifice cap - this is the standard size for the vast majority of essential common essential oils.

  • Some thicker essential oils will dispense better with larger orifice caps. Oils like Vanilla, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot Root and the like can use larger orifices, and when using with a carrier oil, the largest orifice is probably the best choice (2.0mm). You may want to purchase caps of each size to find the best orifice reducer for dispensing your oils and blends.

  • Pump tops are also available for all size bottles except the 200ml, for dispensing skin care blends and the like. You only need to trim the tube that goes inside the bottle to the correct length for that particular bottle.
Please note that you must order bottles and caps separately, except for the 200ml bottle, which include a 'standard' screw cap.

5ml Bottle $1.75
15ml Bottle $2.00
30ml Bottle $2.25
100ml Bottle $3.00
200ml Bottle $3.50

1.6mm Cap $0.45
Dropper for 5ml Bottle $1.10
Dropper for 15ml Bottle $1.35
Dropper for 30ml Bottle $1.45
Pump top, up to 100ml Bottles $1.65

Cobalt Blue Glass Essential Oil "Euro" Dropper Bottles

5 and 10 milliliter bottles with orifice reducer inserts

• Used to store and dispense pure essential oil blends, or blends with a small amount of carrier. The insert is seated the first time the cap is screwed on; the insert can be removed altogether if preferred.

10ml $1.75

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles with Eye Dropper and Screw Caps

30 and 60 milliliter (1 and 2 ounce) bottles with glass droppers and screw caps - so you may use whichever cap is best for your oils.

• Used to store and dispense larger amounts of essential oils and blends. Includes glass dropper with rubber top.

Please limit your order to 20 of either size unless by special request. Thank you!

30ml  $2.00
60ml $2.25

120ml and 240 Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

120 (4oz) and 240 (8oz) milliliter bottles with standard caps

• Used to store larger amounts of essential oils and blends. Limit of 10 bottles per order. Please contact us if you would like to special order larger quantities. We highly recommend the use of 3ml pipettes for measuring and dispensing from these bottles.

120ml  $2.50
240ml $2.50

Polysorbate 20, also called Tween 20, a gentle emulsifying agent

In 30ml (1oz) 60ml (2oz), and 120ml (4oz) size
• Polysorbate 20, or "Tween", is an emulsifying agent to help essential oils stay mixed with water. In general, on uses as much Tween as they do essential oil in a blend -- but we've found we could use much less than that if we don't mind shaking the bottle before we use it. It has an odd aroma that dissipates after a while - perhaps a day later we don't notice it at all.

We've used it specifically for making insect repellent sprays, and one could do the same for Lavender linen sprays, room aromatherapy sprays and similar applications.

30ml $4.25
60ml $5.25
120ml $6.75

3ml & "Mini" Measuring Pipettes, 5 pack

Clear plastic graduated measuring pipettes, pack of 5

• 3ml pipettes precisely measure essential oils and carriers with 1/2ml graduations. Can be washed and reused.

• Mini pipettes can measure up to one milliliter, with a very fine tip. Useful for dispensing oils from 1.75ml bottles and sample vials. The min pipettes are not marked by the milliliter -- simply know that when filled to just at the top of the tube, where the tube and the bulb meet, this is 1/2 milliliter.

3 ml Pipette $2.50
Mini Pipette $2.25


Sample Vials, 5 pack

3/4 ml glass vial with plastic 'dauber' cap, pack of 5

• Pass out samples or keep small amounts of your favorite oils with you in these 'perfume' vials. The Mini-Pipettes make filling and dispensing essential oils from sample vials a simple procedure!
.75 ml $1.50

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