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Essential Oils for Psychic Work

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Essential Oils for Psychic Work - by Avalon De Witt

Essential oils are essences derived from various plants. They can be used to beautify your environment, raise your vibration and enhance your psychic experiences.

You can put them in your bath, rub them on candles, use them in a diffuser, or anoint yourself with them. The most traditional areas to anoint are the center of the forehead and the crown. But you can also benefit from anointing your psychic centers, your chakras, your wrists, throat, ankles and the back of your neck.

Here are some of the most "essential" essential oils and their psychic and spiritual properties:

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Purifying, healing, empowering, protective. Stimulates visions, strengthens focus, attracts wealth, love and harmony. Opens root chakra, aids in connecting with guides. Associated with the Element of Fire. Can be an irritant.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Uplifting, balancing, purifying, protective. Good for meditation and connecting with guides. Promotes enlightenment, multidimensional awareness, transcendence. Dispels negativity. Associated with the Element of Fire.

Jasmine Essential Oil: Balancing, inspiring, sensual. Attracts love, romance and sex. Stimulates psychic dreams, astral projection, creativity and visions. Encourages compassion and transcendence. Aids meditation. Associated with the Element of Water.

Lavender Essential Oil: Integrating, balancing, healing, protective, purifying. Aids meditation, stimulates dream recall and clairvoyance. Opens third-eye chakra. Associated with the element of Air. Can be toxic in large doses.

Mugwort: Psychic stimulant. Opens root chakra. Promotes visions, prophetic dreams, astral projection. Can be an irritant.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Grounding, healing, protective, purifying. Clears blocks. Encourages enlightenment, transcendence. Good for meditation and blessings. Can be an irritant.

Patchouli Essential Oil: Grounding. Attracts money, love and sex. Dispels negativity, stimulates spiritual growth. Great for divination and self-hypnosis.

Rose Essential Oil: Cleansing, healing, balancing, protective. Opens heart chakra, attracts love. Stimulates creativity, assists in letting go. Use for divination and blessings.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Protective, cleansing, psychic stimulant. Opens heart chakra and third-eye chakra. Promotes visions, creativity and past life-recall. Dispels negativity. Can be an irritant.

Sandalwood Essential Oil: Purifying, protective, healing. Opens sacral chakra. Good for meditation, astral projection, manifesting, blessings, house cleansings and releasing the past. Dispels negativity.

Use precaution with essential oils. Read labels and heed any warnings. Be sure oils are properly diluted before using them on your skin and keep away from eyes. Never ingest essential oils. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, please check with your doctor before using essential oils. Some essential oils can adversely affect certain medical conditions, such as asthma, epilepsy. If you need medical attention, please contact a health care professional.

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