100% Pure Essential Oils of Exceptional Therapeutic Quality
100% Pure, Authentic and Genuine Organic, Wildcrafted and Naturally-Grown Essential Oils with the Very Finest Aromas!

At the Ananda Apothecary, we believe the best essential oil or CO2 extract for any application is first 100% pure and genuine. We test examine every oil with GC/MS analysis and four additional physicochemical tests to assure their purity, and they are the species grown in the region they say they are from.  We have several experienced ‘noses’, smelling many varieties of each and every oil. We add only offer you oils that are 100% pure and aromatically exquisite. Oils that are 100% pure and aromaticaly exceptional are the best for any application, hands down!

All our Pure Essential Oils, Absolutes and CO2 Extracts